Hello Friends,

I am Nathan Tran, Proprietor and General Manager of Cream Pot.  I created Cream Pot with a simple vision of preparing traditional and unique menu options using fresh and high quality ingredients sourced locally and from around the world.  Whether it is our cacao imported from France or fresh Maui strawberries from across the Isle, our quality ingredients are used to create each of our delectable and original dishes, from our Souffl√© Pancakes to our Maguro Eggs Benedict.

But my vision didn't just stop there.  Enjoying great food is not simply about the food itself but also about where to enjoy it and whom you enjoy it with.   Cream Pot's ambiance is a pleasant and refreshing departure from corporate chain restaurants that seem to lack personal character.  Cream Pot's decor is not only about charming antiques or one-of-a-kind handcrafted designs--it is instead a combination of many things which in isolation may be just objects, but in totality are distinctively Cream Pot.  Indeed, dining at Cream Pot is intended to be a simple yet uniquely enjoyable experience.  We hope you agree.

Whether you're a first-time or repeat visitor, we look forward to making your dining experience a delightful one!